About Us

Owned and operated by Blake and Carol Kolona, the Historic Makaha Valley Riding Stables (MVRS) is a Limited Liability Company formed to provide both visitors and locals an opportunity to share is the beauty of our Hawaii home, and an opportunity to see historic treasures otherwise lost to time. The Kolona’s own the seven-acre property in Makaha valley where the riding stables are housed, and have special permission to access the valley by horseback enabling us to share our home and history with you.

Significant portions of the proceeds from Historic Makaha Valley Riding Stables are used to fund the Makaha Cultural Learning Center (MCLC) – a non-profit charity organization founded by the Kolona family. Makaha Cultural Learning Center provides an opportunity for children and adults alike to learn about sustainable farming, Hawaiian history and culture, and to provide visitors with an entertaining and enriching experience. Look around at the Kolona family ranch and you’ll see that Makaha Cultural Learning Center has developed a selection of sustainable plants including an aquaponic system incorporating fish and hydroponic vegetables, petting animals, a luau facility, and other activities all designed to give back to the community and provide for an opportunity to share in the majesty of the Makaha valley.

Recognizing the demand for such an experience by visitors and locals, Historic Makaha Valley Riding Stables was created so that income may be generated to further the mission of the Makaha Cultural Learning Center, and further enable the Kolona family to give back to the community they love. “It’s important to giveback to our community”, says Blake Kolona. “We are thankful for our blessings and apply our success to helping and educating others.”

We welcome you to our ranch! Aloha!